Tree Trimming in Waukesha

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What is Tree Trimming?

Tree trimming and pruning is an essential part of the lifelong care of your tree and shrubs. Professional pruning and trimming helps to ensure the health of your tree by keeping it in its natural shape while also encouraging new growth. However, if not handled correctly, you could lead to excessive undue stress on your tree. This amateur trimming could have lasting consequences that may result in your tree dying or at the very least, having an unpleasant shape.

Should the worst occur you could be looking at more expensive tree removal and stump removal. The best help for your trees would be hiring an expert tree care service. With expert assistance, your tree can freely reach its full potential without any potential of contacting utility lines or touching your neighbor’s roof. Here at K&M Tree Service, we pride ourselves on being the best tree trimming Waukesha has to offer and will see that your tree receives the best care.

Why Trim a Tree

There are numerous reasons why you may need residential tree service or commercial tree service. But there are a few common signs that your tree may require professional tree trimming services. If the aesthetics of the tree are your concern, then removing dead branches and branches that improve the natural look and form of your tree would be a priority. But individual dead branches should also be removed for other reasons.

Not all dead branches are small. Some can pose a real danger of falling on your neighbor’s house or your own. Some, called widow makers, can even pose a threat to people around them. As mentioned above, tree branches can sometimes creep into utility lines, and it’s at the homeowner’s risk should the branch ever cause any city utility issues. Finally, a tree pruning can allow more light to the interior branches of the tree or the ground below. K&M Tree Service will be sure to assess what your tree needs and if pruning is something necessary. Our quotes and consultations are free, so don’t hesitate to have us take a look.


Tree Trimming Technique

A lot goes into proper pruning and trimming or trees. For instance, the time of year that you decide to trim has a significant effect on the health of your tree. It would help if you avoided adding to the stress on the tree after it has used a substantial portion of its energy to produce its spring foliage. It’s considered best to trim a tree during a season in which the tree is dormant. So save your Waukesha tree trimming until after the leaves fall.

There are also a variety of techniques and equipment necessary to properly trim a tree. Many methods involve the removal of branches that are either dead or dying. These are removed from the interior of the tree and focus primarily on the tree’s crown area. However, alive or dead, some branches need to be trimmed to either reduce the tree and keep it away from utility lines or remove low branches to allow vehicle and pedestrian clearance. Proper pruning cuts, as shown in the image, make sure that the branches do not tear the bark. This pruning cut technique is done on every branch regardless of what method of trimming you and our team decide is necessary.

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