Tree Removal Waukesha

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Why Remove A Tree

Tree removal is our most requested service. It is additionally the most extensive and most complicated service that we do. Removing trees isn’t a significant challenge, yet it takes a certain level of ability to do it safely. We have been cutting and removing trees since the beginning and it has made us experts at falling trees. We’ve even removed all the species and sizes of trees that exist in Waukesha County.

The entire process begins with our free, no commitment, analysis, and quote where we come to your home and gain a full understanding of the job. During this analysis, we will see what kind of tree it is, what it’s dimensions are, and what the property layout around it is. We’ll see if anything unusual is required to remove the tree most safely. Also we will ask you if you have any additional needs or instructions for removal. Such as getting rid of the timber or stacking it. The estimate will be ready instantly and then you have the choice to consider it. Once you accept the estimate we’ll schedule the date/time to conduct the job. We are confident you will appreciate our professionalism and reliability and thoroughness throughout. Our goal is to distinguish ourselves as the best tree removal Waukesha has to offer. In need of some assistance immediately? Then reach out about our emergency tree removal services should the unexpected happen.

Tree Removal Process

On the morning of the arranged day, we’ll call you to verify the time our crew will be there to perform the job. We will commit to a two hour home window to be there and start the task.

The tree removal begins with our foreman appointing his staff to different job tasks. On-site we’ll have a chipper, the landing crew, clean up crew, branch cutters, as well as lead tree cutter. At that point, the real tree removal will start, which is a systematic dismembering of the tree limb by limb. We can accomplish this in numerous ways, such as climbing up into the tree or using a lift to reach the branches. In either case, we’ll be sure to let the little tree branches fall and lower large limbs down with ropes and wheels. Once all of the branches are on the ground, it is up to the branch cutters to chunk the thicker tree limbs to manageable pieces. All of the smaller branches will be put through the chipper.

We will continue this process until we remove the thicker part of the trunk, where we will divide it into convenient sized logs. We’ll remove everything down to the ground, leaving just a short stump. Over the length of the job, our ground crew will be cleaning up the property and ensuring everyone is safe.

After The Tree Is Gone

Once the tree is gone, you’ll still have to worry about the stump that’s left behind. We make sure to get the exposed trunk as low to the ground as possible so our grinder can make short work of the area. If you don’t choose to use our stump grinding services there are also other ways for a stump to be removed. 

But before we worry about the stump our team will ensure that the yard is back to near pristine condition before packing up our equipment and leaving. If you notice anything out of order or that you like more time spent on please don’t hesitate to inform us.