Storm Cleanup and Emergency Tree Removal in Waukesha

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Tree Damage Caused By Storms

Of all the circumstances we deal with as tree experts, storm damage is the most poignant. Trees with roots lifted from the ground, fallen limbs, damage done to residential or commercial property, and generally unsafe conditions all provide the property owner with an urgent situation. K&M Tree Service is on call 24×7 to see that your needs get resolved as quickly and professionally as possible. We will be onsite as soon as possible and will ensure that every sign of storm damage is cleaned up. Storm damage could completely trap your family indoors or prevent people from getting to your business. In these scenarios, it’s necessary to hire a tree service company to ensure that you get back to your life quickly. Call K&M Tree Service whenever you have an emergency tree removal as you can depend upon us to be there when it counts.

Avoiding Storm Damage and Emergency Tree Removal

Not all storm damage is avoidable, but there are some steps you can take to help prevent emergency outcomes. For instance, please have one of our professional staff examine any trees on your property before a massive storm. If we spot something that could affect your property, we’ll let you know. Any overhanging limbs or dead trees within a certain distance of property should be removed or trimmed to a safe length. So with a bit of planning, storm damage can be avoided leaving only yard cleanup after a big storm.

If you do have damage after a strom, please call us right away and do not try to navigate around downed power lines or other unsafe storm conditions caused by the storm. When you call us, we will react according to our emergency storm procedure.


Emergency Tree Removal Procedure

When damage has occurred, we will send one of our tree service professionals out evaluate the property and damage immediately. Once our staff member arrives, he/she will provide you with an onsite quote for the work to be done. If you agree to the price, we will mobilize the necessary equipment and staff to ensure that we handle the situation as soon as possible. Along with setting up our team, we will evaluate all potential dangers and alert the necessary utility or emergency services. Once we are positive that both our staff and your property are safe from harm, we will begin the process of cleanup and removal. We will focus on what we determine is top priority, such as an entire tree removal. Then we will clean up all debris from the property, leaving no evidence of storm damage.

Contact K&M Tree Service

In an emergency scenario, you cant call any tree service to handle your needs. Just call K&M Tree Service to receive the most dependable post-storm cleanup service in Waukesha county. We are certified, guaranteed, and insured for these extreme circumstances and manage all of your needs when it comes time to deal with insurance.

Emergency tree work is a unique service and one that we hope you don’t need. But if you need that service immediately, call us, and we’ll do our best to get you back to business as usual. We are the tree service company Waukesha county trusts in these difficult situations.